Welcome To Trend Records of Canada

Trend Records is an independent boutique record label located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. It was founded in 1965 by Toronto disc jockey and record producer Merv Buchanan, who went on to create the Ontario Arts Council’s pop music program, MuchMusic’s popular Much Video Dance program, similar ventures for U.S. music-television networks CMT and The Box, and other music-related ventures. Early Trend releases include the highly prized “Sussex” album by Toronto psyche-rockers Bent Wind, as well as a pair of albums by proto alternative/jazz specialists “Cargo”, led by Canadian playwright Norm Foster. "Whitemail" featuring John Woloschuk, Terry Draper and Dino Tome also cut numerous tracks, including their single "Dreamdaying" released by the London Records distributed Prawn label. John, Terry and Dee Long later formed "Klaatu".

To facilitate the collection of airplay royalties for Trend artists, BMI publishing affiliate "Pan Canada Music, SOCAN" was formed in 1968.